Cloud & Datacenter Solutions 

Cloud Computing for the Enterprise is a question of control and who has it. The big question is which mix is best for you? IaaS, PaaS, SaaS or a Privately Hosted Cloud? And the bigger question is, who can be trusted to plan, execute and sustain an agile adoption path with you? That will be us. From private cloud implementations, to hybrid cloud, public cloud or even exotic cross cloud implementations.

Cross Cloud Infrastructures

Cloud computing is not a technology discussion anymore. It can impact core operational competencies, and every business should embrace it one way or another. Our customers rely on integrated solutions to ensure maximum data security, control, and compliance for internal and external and content collaboration.

Break Beyond the Old Thinking

IQ Solutions has a unique philosophy when it comes to cloud services. We identify what each provider does best. Up to this stage and due to the lack of standard cross platform managed solutions, our task is to identify services that make sense and give more value regardless of the provider. We like to practice on modular multi-tier multi-cloud and hybrid architectures, giving organizations highly scalable and flexible solutions. by leveraging all performance vs price improvements from the strongest cloud provider. We design so customers can run on combination of clouds.

Public Cloud Environments

We at IQ Solutions examine each case as a complete separate case. We interpret your requirements by considering why you would be using a service for, what level of control you need over your environment based on fluctuating operational goals and decide. Public Cloud IaaS, PaaS or SaaS, we will work our what’s most applicable and provide with all related tech arguments and footprint to get there.

Leading your Cloud Journey

We reduce the complexity of public clouds by consulting and supporting at all stages of your journey to the cloud. From Cloud Readiness Assessment, to Solution Analysis, Scope, & Design. From Data Center Migration to Backup & Disaster Recovery Deployments. From Establishing a Testing Environment to Proof of Concept. From Virtualization Migration & Deployment, to Identity, Access, and Information protection. Evey path, every stage we are here for you.

Hybrid Cloud Environments

What we see nowadays is a rush to converge IaaS and thus adopt fast provisioning of resources such as compute, storage, and networks, while PaaS is used for agile application development and testing before apps are moved to production. On top, the preferred architecture is includes a mix of on-premises and IaaS using storage, and networks for resilience and continuity, while common business processes are dedicated to various SaaS services.

Management Practices are Key.

Migrating to and managing a hybrid cloud environment is about smooth operations between different by nature worlds. We, at IQ Solutions take account of important concepts, such as the right positioning of data regarding their sensitivity, compliance standards according to the customer addressed market related to multi-tenant environments. Hence we emphasise on Self-Service capabilities, Reporting and Analytics, Service Management & Capacity Planning, Resource Management, Governance & Orchestration, Security and of course Financial Management.

Private Cloud Environments

We can answer significant questions on conceptual contradictions you may be facing. The cloud seems to give optimum performance but it may introduce latencies. Your on-premise applications require tons of management effort, but they are may also show performance inconsistencies when exposed to the cloud, as they are not SD-WAN tuned

Strict Benefits for your Enterprise

When it comes to private clouds, we mainly focus on: Security, in the sense of Privacy, using distinct resources with accessed via your organisation’s firewall through dedicated lines. Reliability, meaning that your virtualised operating environments are more resilient to individual failures within your infrastructure. Last but not least we emphasize on Cloud Bursting, switching non-sensitive business loads to public clouds, freeing up resources, and fall back again, whenever you require to do so.

Hosted Infrastructures

You can run your services through IQ Solutions ISO 27001 Certified Datacenter. We use hyper-convergence philosophy reducing complexities and incompatibility of traditional data centers. We consolidate compute, storage and networking by adding software control, creating your software-defined data center, at our premises.

Software Defined Hosted Solutions

Our scope is to provide the best hosted experience. From Inventory Management, to Custom Systems Configuration. We provide our customers with Image Management and application provisioning to your employees, Asset Tagging, Software Assessment and Planning, Test and Deployment Environments along with Data Center Environment Assessments on demand.