Customer References

If the job is not under NDA we can talk about it. What makes us happy, is the fact that some customers are even willing to drop a few good words for us, and our evergreen efforts to make the most our of their investments.


APIVITA’s goal is to integrate all company’s  data and  important information that manages the group. The choice of NetApp   All-Flash Storage provides the advantages of the new generation Storage   Technology, which provides information  technology nowadays. The choice of  IQ SOLUTIONS and its proposal to install All NetApp Storage-AFF8040 Flash is for us ensuring large volumes of data, access, storage and quick retrieval of data

Vasilis Karpodinis / Head of Operations


Our vision for creating value for the customer, partner  and end customer by providing high quality products and services, utilizing new technologies and investing in Human Resources  and the necessary infrastructure consistent perfectly with the high professional and high  technological sophistication solution that IQ Solutions provided us. Congratulations deserve to the excellent team of IQ Solutions for really very high service, which provided us throughout the project. From the first time, we felt safe and confident that we made the best partner choice. Professionalism, seriousness, consistency and, when it was required, unfortunately happened in our case, the selflessness shown by implementation team of the project, contributed to the success. And it is something that is known, that is very rare to happen in IT Projects. Continuing, with great pleasure, we expanded our cooperation. We would highly recommend iQ Solutions as an exceptional supplier of IT Solutions and Services.

Alexis Vatsikas / Director of MIS

MINETTA Insurance

“We collaborated with IQ Solutions regarding our licensing repositioning. We found great value changing our Microsoft Licensing plans from our Enterprise Agreement to CSP with IQ Solutions as our Delegated Administrative Partner. I can confidently state, that IQ Solutions was there to clearly explain Microsoft’s licensing, which seem to be chaotic for us, guide us through with patience again and again, up to the point of tailoring our license plans exactly to our needs. We gained maximum flexibility compared to our previous EA situation. Moreover, I highlight IQ Solutions’ excellent technical competence regarding Azure and O365 services, the support on which was necessary, especially during our migration to CSP.”

Nikos Trivizas  / IT Manager