Engineering Solutions

It’s all about helping your IT teams to be more efficient & effective so they can play a key role on your business delivery, or bringing a project back on track, we can help. But we are not just advice and thinking of blue skies and nice to have environments. We use our Intellectual Property, experience and know-how to build up your agile, robust and secure ICT environment with you. From PoCs of pioneering ideas, towards solutions of 100% user acceptance.

Architectural Planning & Guidance

While the rate at which technology is evolving and customers are struggling to catch up to its status quo, our Engineers challenge is to keep our customers always up with the cutting edge, by providing the Architectural Planning and Guidance they need. Our architects can provide clear representation of your current state of systems vs how you want them to be in the future. We provide direction, making planning clearer and projects a reality.

We can see your ICT future with you

Our years of experience working with small and large enterprises from conception to deployment, ensure that your current system will evolve to be more stable, resilient, and productive. Our engineers can help your stakeholders understand the current and future technology landscape, identify best-practice solutions whether on-prem, hybrid, or cloud, and deliver practical examples, benchmarking & performance tests to prove the architecture in your application. We align current ICT systems with future technology trends, in terms of performance, scalability, adaptivity, predictability, availability, security and ease of maintenance.

Information Technology Governance

oday, effective ICT governance corresponds to effective business technology governance. Senior executives revisit their IT governance approaches, towards the business directions that their integrated environments point at. In the past, ICT governance was focused on the IT department, which served as a corporate technology supplier, but this traditional approach is changing. New technologies,  such as mobile, social, cloud and analytics can often be managed by stakeholders outside the IT department’s control.

Q for your on-premise, hybrid and cloud Governance Risk and Compliance obligations

Today’s IT executive job has never been more difficult, as they are challenged to govern the delivery of cloud bred tools focused on areas that are generally not part of traditional IT governance, but still need to ensure GRC. IQ Solutions can deliver a complete portfolio of paths to GRC Solutions that enable organizations to build a holistic and highly efficient approach to GRC. Using cloud as an enabler, with unbounded scalability and ease-of-use, we position our customers well to rapidly changing GRC regulations – such as ISO Standards & GRI Reporting. Common GRC related activities such as stress testing, inspection, auditing workspaces and archiving workspaces can easily be tackled by cloud based management.

Tailored Labs for New & Preview Technologies

Technology previews are not available to the IT community at large, or new technologies are not well known to the audience, yet they seem to be extremely useful and promising. Someone has to stand up and be confident with them. We provide IT labs tailored to your future business needs and simulate them in your actual environment. Even though this specific service is mostly consumed by vendors who partner with IQ Solutions, we decided to make the service available for large customers and partners too.

Vendors, customers and partners trust IQ for promising preview technologies

To us, preview technologies they appear as “testing opportunities”, where we put our innovation to work for you. As per common practice and pure engineering acumen, Our engineers form R&D groups and apply newest technologies, in various common simulated environments, to help vendors, large accounts and partners be ready to deliver PoCs from zero day of availability. From cybersecurity, to digital workspaces, to systems and platforms, to powershell mastery and cloud previews, we are able to preview features for you, for evaluation purposes of the future desired state of your busimess,

PoCs for Business Transformation

Okay, so a stakeholder wants you to examine a new IT solution, and suggests to start a pilot. Think again, pilots affect production and should not be frequently recommended for new technologies. Do a PoC with us and measure up if a project is worth adopting. We are test-driving Information Technology before you buy it, just like you would with your new car. Same concept. We have been advocating that PoCs result to a concrete solid ground for your next day of technology adoption.

IQ Can Save You From Surprises, Yes We PoC For You!

IQ’s Proof of Concept services offer peace of mind and absolute confidence that the solution you intend to adopt, will seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and achieve your desired performance, standards, and reliability before it becomes part of your business. Once the success criteria and associated test cases are defined, the PoC solution can be engineered for production, start a pilot and adopt! There is no such thing as one solution for all. We create the right Digital Transformation experience from powering the opportunities given by the cloud and merging standards of technologies. Customization and careful simulation of your environment by our team, who can understand the challenges of your value chain is what you need.

Projects Designed For Security

Our customers rely on integrated solutions to ensure maximum data security, control, and compliance for internal and external and content collaboration. We deploy strong security controls enabling organizations to ensure the protection of sensitive information and intellectual property. With a modular multi-tier architecture and effective user control, IQ Solutions provides organizations with robust, highly scalable, and flexible security solutions.

Security, Governance and Compliance 

Private Cloud, Hosted Deployments or Hybrid Cloud solutions combine various levels of control and flexibility within variety of deployment architecture options. IQ applies golden rules on discovery requests for administrators, DLPs, user friendly DRM policies, Access and Identity policies. Enforcing safeguarding and separating tiers in every architecture for extra layers of protection, we practice Data Sovereignty on Geographic policies restricting user content in specific locations, full user auditing and user audit reports for compliance, secure containers for mobile applications, multifactor authentication, and hence compliance with data integrity, availability and auditability standards.

Cloud TCO & ROI Analysis

t is rather tricky to value the actual cost of your applications to be traded on SaaS level. Quite a few embedded costs exist such as Operating Systems, related Infrastructure for Servers and Networking, Power Needs, Power Redundancy, Personnel Utilization and more. You need not only consider hardware, software, support staff, server rooms, rent and utilities. IQ Solutions can help you our see the value of any cloud XaaS implementation, beyond numbers and costs and go beyond your Finance department.

You May Need our Help to Draw Your Conclusions

You need to go beyond and think of cadence, DR policies, security, growing data space demands, mobility, availability, accessibility, integrity and so on. Concepts that may not have been there using  and on-prem solution. We can help you decide by considering important factors such as various SaaS pricing models, no-brainer updates and management on the cloud, project and solutions lifespans, ratios of resources utilized on on-prem vs the cloud, future expense management and budget projections, CAPEX vs OPEX etc. We can plan your Cloud environment with due diligence.

Project Saving Services

Due to their complexity, ICT projects can sometimes slip in terms of their timelines, technical problems may show up. Our ICT Project Rescue service is set up as to address these issues. We believe that our dedicated and disciplined team of consultants and engineers can turn around nearly all failing projects by providing supportive management and correct execution.

Don't let your projects go wrong!

IQ Solutions’ senior engineers can provide the technical and project leadership to get things back on track, saving the project and make it a success. Our Engineers are the best natural allies of in-house project managers giving independent professional oversight. From developing lacking in-house skills, to providing work arounds to unmet vendor obligations, we take pride for our ability to land your in-flight ICT projects smoothly in a matter of weeks by applying effective ICT knowledge and best-practices.

CSP, SAM & Modern Licensing

There is enough complexity in various vendor licensing schemes which change frequently and are hard to follow, which may results into wrong and costly decisions. SAM is the best practice an organization can adopt in order to manage & optimize assets, and thus achieve spot-on effective deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of systems software application. It’s not just a concept, it’s corporate culture and IQ can help you out.

The Right Mix of Contracts & SAM Consultation Wins

Let us break it down to actions. We can show you how to perform software inventory, “discover” and stop software installed without permission, collect information, provide license management, establish your ‘Effective License Position’, monitor utilization of software, restrict further usage, automate and regulate deployments by moving to a CSP based model? By having IQ’s experts on your side, you can optimize cloud vs on-prem licensing, reduce your running costs, and keep your budgets for services at an evergreen track.