What we do

Engineering minds on Integration. We do Integrations of all kinds! Public Clouds, Hybrid Clouds, Private Clouds, On-Premise Systems. We practice that part of work that no product company actually wants to do. Making their solutions collaborate in harmony, safety and security. Our integrations are some of the most advanced out there, emphasizing on multiple and secure methods for authentication, data discovery, eventing, orchestration, etc. So, just envision processes to build your business into an even better one. Discuss with us and we’ll handle the REST for you!

Engineering Solutions

It’s all about helping your IT teams to be more efficient & effective so they can play a key role on your business delivery, or bringing a project back on track, we can help. But we are not just advice and thinking of blue skies and nice to have environments. We use our Intellectual Property, experience and know-how to build up your agile, robust and secure ICT environment with you. From PoCs of pioneering ideas, towards solutions of 100% user acceptance.

Managed Services

We deliver 360 degrees, ICT services by a convenient “pay as you go” pricing model. Due to the quality of our work, managed services have become a core part of our mentality. We can combine a large group of service elements to address and control your major ICT pain points. We Monitor, Operate, Optimize, Transform and Manage by your side, from clients all the way to your XaaS/XCloud environment, even your printers.

Cloud & Datacenter Solutions

Cloud Computing for the Enterprise is a question of control and who has it. The big question is which mix is best for you? IaaS, PaaS, SaaS or a Privately Hosted Cloud? And the bigger question is, who can be trusted to plan, execute and sustain an agile adoption path with you? That will be us. From private cloud implementations, to hybrid cloud, public cloud or even exotic cross cloud implementations.

Collaboration, Mobility & Secutity

No, we are not here to challenge your value nodes. It’s about YOUR business and YOUR processes. What we are here for, is to cultivate integrity, availability, auditability and confidentiality of secure content sharing, using the right technologies at the right value nodes providing all-round boost for your business processes. Remember, collaboration should be tied with access management and security.