Managed Services

We deliver 360 degrees, ICT services by a convenient “pay as you go” pricing model. Due to the quality of our work, managed services have become a core part of our mentality. We can combine a large group of service elements to address and control your major ICT pain points. We Monitor, Operate, Optimize, Transform and Manage by your side, from clients all the way to your XaaS/XCloud environment, even your printers.

Managed Printing

Fact is that you can remove the hassle of expensive-to-operate desktop printers and replace them with a productive, secure, and cost-effective managed solution. You can allow better internal IT service, while by outsourcing the maintenance you save from your IT department’s costs by re-utilizing them on tasks that matter. Choose our MPS program and get no-stress print management by stopping the acquisition of equipment.

We Can Do More Than Just Traditional Managed Printing

We go way beyond standards. We use the perfect mix of equipment for your loads, and by default we include an award winning MPS S/W, Print job accounting, Cloud printing and Reporting all under the best fit SLA for your operational needs! , by deeply discovering what your printing environment looks like in terms of usage, supplies and maintenance. And we will not stop there. We will be reviewing your strategy on a tactical basis making you agile enough to adjust to your business needs, as they scale up or down.

Managed Disaster & Site Recovery

Hybrid IT and Cloud Services are here to stay for long! IT is revisited, so must your disaster recovery strategies. We see disaster recovery as an extension of information protection, with the flavor of resilience. Today, no traditional disaster recovery services can be of significant use. Hybrid IT is an amazing playground for goals such as Reduced Downtime, Uninterrupted Business Continuity, meaning Managed Failover Services, Regular DR Testing.

You Choose. From hosted to Private, to Hybrid to Full Cloud BUs.

We use four xCloud pillars. Configuration & Replication (Recovery Servers & Replication Configuration to Monitoring Systems). Deployment & Implementation (Cloud Replication Nodes and Replication Agents to Post-Deployment debriefing). Testing & Administration  (Quarterly audits and bubble test failovers, to disks re-balancing). Reporting/Monitoring & Maintenance (Patch updates and 24×7 System & Replication Monitoring to License Maintenance).

Managed Servers & Infrastructure

To us, managed servers and infrastructure is the light extension of our dedicated hosting and xcloud solutions management. The required hardware is owned by the customer while the the day-to-day management and maintenance is monitored and handled by our highly skilled engineering team rather than by the customer’s resources. This is pure engineering know how injection to your datacenter.

Our Experience, Your Proactiveness and Reactiveness

IQ engineers are notorious for their datacenter management skills. With either agent or agentless approaches depending on your goals, we provide heterogeneous server monitoring, perfectly meeting any corporate monitoring requirements. Monitoring CPUs, Disk & System Processes, Server Traffic Monitoring, Network Interface Traffic Monitoring, Server Capacity Planning & Monitoring, Server Hardware Monitoring and Server Virtualization Monitoring in the cloud and/or your corporate data center. Simply, have your issued troubleshooted and resolved before your operations are affected.

Managed Client & VDI Infrastructure

A Managed Client environment can mean different things depending on the customer’s needs. To some it relates to a service and to others a full stack of VDI services. Choose any flavor for your complete planning and  support. Based on your expectations, you can have significant savings over average client costs, by either going towards on premises or cloud hosted VDI, minimize IT labor costs, by excluding data center expenses including servers and storage.

About Your Clients Secure Delivery

The value of any VDI solution is seen by pointing out benefits, such as data security, simplified issue resolution and deployment, reduced complexity and risk. IQ Solutions can help you realize which flavor is best suited for your operational needs. Our initial assessments can show every flavor of independent client setup and management even up to the point of VDI, with Hosted or Cloud flavors. We use large-scale performance management, giving you managed end client services based on endpoint security, integrity, availability, manageability and auditability levels you require.

Managed Security

There is a massive increase in the count and heterogeneity of devices connected to corporate networks. Addressing concepts such as Security Automation, Dependencies Orchestration, Threat Analytics, Intelligence and Response can be a good start. Nowadays you must be transparent of your on-premises, cloud, or hybrid IT environments, or even better set control measures to your corporate users identities.

Be Modern. From Identity Management to Threat Minimization

We work on three mazor pillars. First we provide the best experience in Identity Management, using access and process automation concepts by mixing it up with Device and Application Management. This results to a resilient environment to its core. We will use modern client management services, and expand our acumen towards full IPS stacks. We are about Web Content filtering, Anti-virus (AV), Anti-spam, Firewalls (UTMs, NGFWs, etc.), VPN, Vulnerability scanning, Patch management, Data loss prevention (DLP), Threat intelligence, Identity access management (IAM), Privileged access management (PAM).

Managed Backup & Replication

Supporting no limits to your backup scenarios. From O365 components to your entire Datacenter Ecosystem. IQ solutions supports replication to Cloud service providers utilizing traditional VPN tunnels to achieve faster recovery times with full network availability for Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere and vCloud Director, allowing your VMs back up and running without impacting your production environment.

You Choose. From hosted to Private, to Hybrid to Full Cloud BUs.

The targets are clear for our engineers who run everything for you. Faster Recovery Time Objectives. Extended Recovery Point Objectives. Instant Virtual Machine Recovery and Recovery Verification for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V. Incremental Backups. Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft SQL. Instant File Level Recovery & Universal File Recovery. Universal File Level Recovery. Automated Recovery. High Compression Ratios. End-to-End AES 256 Encryption and of course, Notifications and Alerts so you know when and why a back up failed.

Managed Networks

Being good at handling your hybrid clouds, data centers and XClouds effectively means that we can reduce the complexity of their interactions on local and wide area networks. This is the era of software defined technologies embraced by datacenters meaning analytics and automation to smoothly make all networks perform as they should under mixed environments.

IQ Is Not About Traditional Managed Networking

Managing networks mainly focuses on interactions between various layers of communications, not the channels themselves. Managing your overall network performance is about managing interactions of servers, routers, switches, operating systems and firewalls. Fact is that using the right tools by the right engineers you can simplify your management, while stretching your infra structure to a level of carefully utilized network capacity. We are all about the interactions of a secure ICT network as a service, tailored to your Hybrid Cloud or XCloud environment.